Aussie Colostrum Downunder

Pure Bovine Colostrum

The immune factors in colostrum!

When a mother breast feeds her baby her body produces an immunity-enhancing milk called Colostrum. This vital 'pre-milk' is also produced by cows for their young and is up to ten times more potent than the Colostrum produced by humans.

Up until the 1950s bovine colostrum was recommended in the USA before antibiotics were available. It has been used by Indian healers and North Europeans for centuries, and can assist with a wide range of problems where the body's immune system is under attack and support is needed.

Australian Bovine Immunoactive Colostrum, milk it for all its got! Immunoactive Colostrum is an incredible source of immunoglobins, immuno-enhancing molecules, transfer factors and growth-stimulating factors.

IgG is the most abundant immunoglobin found in bovine colostrum and assists in the body's immune response to infection. Found within the blood, lymphatic system and mucous membranes, IgG may help strengthen and modulate the immune system.

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